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AJR happened to have a skeleton of a song titled “Sober Up” at the time that they felt was very Weezer-esque, but weren’t quite sure of what it was. But once this Twitter interaction with Cuomo occurred. “We were a little bit discouraged, and then it was kind of like a godsend that Rivers Cuomo descended upon us and said ‘I will sing the bridge,’” Ryan jokes. “I’m so proud of how it turned out.”

The result of their collaboration is certainly a Weezer-style jam, with a unique strings incorporation on the verses and an indie-friendly chorus (and, of course, Cuomo’s contribution). The track is featured on AJR’s debut album, The Click, which is due tomorrow (June 9) — but one day ahead of the album’s release, Billboard is premiering “Sober Up.” Take a listen and download free Sober Up – AJR ringtone for mobile now!

Sober Up – AJR

Sober Up – AJR Ringtone Download:

And I want to feel something again
I just want to feel something again
How’s it go again?

Won’t you help me sober up
Growing up it made me numb
And I want to feel something again
Won’t you help me sober up
All the big kids, they got drunk
And I want to feel something again
Won’t you help me feel something again
Can I finally feel something again
How’s it go again?

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