Ringtone New World Order – Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun


New World Order – Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun ringtone

New World Order – Tom MacDonald Ringtone Lyrics:

Here’s the problem with America: the country is broken
‘Cause they minds stay closed, but they mouths stay open
Get attacked and we blame terrorists, go broke and we blame the price
Blame racists for the racism, but only if his skin is white
If we don’t need guns ’cause we can call the police
We don’t need fire extinguishers, call a fireman, please
You didn’t wanna build a wall and now the border is weak
Your favorite actor has a gate that’s, likе, fifteen feet
Racism is gay, if you’re offended, that’s rеtarded
And tolerance is great until you speak and you’re a target
If a white man paints his face black, he’s a racist piece of garbage
But you put him in a dress and he’s courageous and he’s gorgeous
All these double standards, man, I’m tired of the noise
Freedom’s an illusion if they censor your voice
Call a dad a deadbeat for neglecting his boys
But a mom kills a baby and you call it pro-choice

[Chorus: Tom MacDonald]
You act like you’re so much better than us (Yeah, we know that)
Who told you that you so special? Screw a new world order
Your facts ain’t facts without censorin’ us (Yeah, we know that)
Good job, you loses your metal, screw a new world order

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