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The release of BTS’s “MIC Drop” remix with Steve Aoki is around the corner, so the DJ had to post a few videos of his meeting with the K-pop phenoms on Snapchat,RM tells him that the group listened to his remix, and Suga gives him “three thumbs up.” Then the leader reveals that BTS will perform the remix on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday .“Mic Drop” has entered the Billboard Hot 100 on the Dec. 16 chart at No. 28. For perspective, the explosive success of “DNA” placed its debut at No. 67. This the first time any K-pop track has begun its chart life in the top 40. Desiigner has been hyping the tune and fans have pressured radio stations and succeeded in getting “Mic Drop” into rotation. You can download MIC Drop – BTS ringtone free for mobile now!

MIC Drop – BTS

MIC Drop – BTS Ringtone Lyrics:

Did you see my bag? (where?) Did you see my bag? (where?)
It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick (hella thick, hella thick)
What you think ’bout that? (well) What you think ’bout that? (well)
I bet it got my haters hella sick (hella sick)
Come and follow me, follow me with your signs up
I’m so firin’, firin’, boy, your time’s up
Keep on and runnin’ and runnin’ until I catch up
How you dare? How you dare? How you dare?

Another trophy, my hands carry ’em
Too many that I can’t even count ’em (turn it up now)
Mic drop, mic drop
발발 조심 너네 말말 조심
balbal josim neone malmal josim
Somebody stop me, I’m boutta pop off
Too busy, you know my body ain’t enough (turn it up now)
Mic drop, mic drop
발발 조심 너네 말말 조심
balbal josim neone malmal josim

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