Ringtone Look Alive – BlocBoy JB Ft. Drake


Look Alive – BlocBoy JB Ft. Drake ringtone

Free Ringtone Look Alive – BlocBoy JB Ft. Drake:

[Chorus: Drake & BlocBoy JB]
901 Shelby Drive, look alive, look alive (‘live)
Niggas came up on this side, now they on the other side (word, word, word)
Oh well, fuck ’em, dawg, we gon’ see how hard they ride (huh, fuck ’em)
I get racks to go outside and I split it with the guys (outside)
We up on the other side, niggas actin’ like we tied
I’ve been gone since, like, July, niggas actin’ like I died
They won’t be expectin’ shit when Capo go to slide (hah)
‘Cause I told them that we put that shit behind us but I lied (hah)

[Verse 1: Drake]
Ayy, ayy, look who I’m around, man
If I fucked up, I’ma be downtown, man
Fourth floor bound, man, that’s if I get caught, man
Pushed me to the edge, so it really ain’t my mothafuckin’ fault


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