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Lil Dicky, Chris Brown – Freaky Friday ringtone

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(Ring ring) What the fuck?
I woke up and I’m Lil Dicky (Lil Dicky?)
Ugh, what the fuck?
This shit is real weak
How his dick staying perched up on his balls like that?
Walking down the street and ain’t nobody know my name (whoa)
Ain’t no paparazzi flashing pictures, this is great (whoa)
Ain’t nobody judging ’cause I’m black or my controversial past
I’ma go and see a movie and relax (woo)
Ayy, I’m a Blood but I can finally wear blue (cool)
Why his momma calling all the time?
Leave me the fuck alone, bitch
Wait, if I’m in Dicky’s body, Breezy is who?
Hope my daughter’s in school
Fuck, if I was Chris Brown, where would I be?
What would I do?

Twerk it like Miley

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