Ringtone In The Air – Tory Lanez


In The Air – Tory Lanez ringtone

In The Air – Tory Lanez Ringtone Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
If bein’ Black is bein culture, what’s the cancel culture?
Sound like some white shit them niggas planted on us
The cops killin’ only heroes on the cam recorders
When major corporations ramblin’ ’bout niggas on Twitter
When all they did was put BLM in they handles for us
Open your eyes, they ain’t standin’ for us
It’s 2020, been a year, God planned it for us
A lot of things he got planning for us
I’m in the ring like Rocky
I got a shot type Aki, but it’ll steal a score
What’s everybody in they feelings for?
It’s ’cause I’m aimin’ at the ceilin’ floor
Still poppin’ on these niggas, waitin’ while they slither
When I’m comin’, they can feel it more
The blogs only want my words just to switch ’em more
What do you do when the court lawyers is tellin’ you not to talk
And as soon you don’t, you playin’ the villain for it?
You got a lot of feelings still in store
I’m still hearin’ stories, that nigga talkin’ ’bout Tory is over
I’m God’s child, I’m one of his most glorious soldiers
I’m workin’ at the old man’s, custodian, quota
I’m notorious for the stories of overcomin’ the poorest of situations and comin’ out glorious from ’em
Niggas taught us to sell dope when you bored in the summer
He was lackin’ a couple cast, then got caught in the summer
Pulled up on him, they started clappin’ his dome in the summer, no wonder
That was my dawg, I used to fuck with him hard
He pull up to the tour bus with the dawgs
He used to tell me I’m a Don and I’m a prince and how I come with the charm
And laughed back and say, “Don’t fuck with no frauds”
‘Lil cuz, you a star
Take me to the back, bust a cigar
Told me rap and stop hustlin’ raw, but I was doublin’ hard
Next step, cop comin’ in car and you was always there to bust up a charge
Shit just fucked with me hard
Now it’s pannin’ out, news cameras standin’ out
Wrongfully accused but on the news is what the man about
Even my own friends hands wasn’t out
Tell me, what that’s all about?
Fame got us fallin’ out

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