Ringtone Dave East – Perfect


Dave East – Perfect ringtone

Dave East – Perfect Ringtone

You deserve it ’cause you perfect (perfect)
You make every moment worth it (every moment)
I’m flyin’ down Collins, I’m shirtless (skrrt)
Just thinkin’ how you might’ve curved it (might have curved it)
I knew you a minute, don’t act like you don’t know the business
I’ve been tryna get all up in it
Gave you my card, I don’t know ’bout no limit (swipe)
They can’t see us in it, that foreign was tinted (oh)
Nowadays they get too borin’ with niggas
In love with that pussy, adorin’ these women (I love ’em)
Pull out some Molly, bet all of them with it
If I take you shoppin’, make sure it’s expensive (cash up)
Nothin’ feel better than knowin’ that pussy for me (mine)
I’ve been a wolf in these streets
I hold my own in it, ain’t nobody took it from me (nobody)
I get women you wouldn’t believe
Eye on that money, I’m gon’ get high with your honey
Might take a trip out of the country
Know I got hoes, she not findin’ it funny
Her brain is so good, I can’t ride with no dummy
I only see you in Prada, not bummy
I’m from the streets, but your momma gon’ love me
I told her, “I never run out of this money”
Fall back on your homies, a lot of them love me
It’s ’bout to get ugly

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