The Premier Plus plan offers comprehensive coverage, encompassing the following aspects as part of the plan or as supplementary add-ons. The coverage comes into effect from the Coverage Period Start Date.

A. AIR CONDITIONING/COOLER (not exceeding 5-ton capacity and designed for residential use) (Included in Premier Plus plan)


  • Ducted electric central air conditioning
  • Ducted electric wall air conditioning
  • Geothermal/water source heat pumps
  • Water evaporative coolers

All components and parts are covered, except for geothermal/water source heat pumps, and those located within the foundation of the home or attached garage. In instances where the SEER standard/R410A upgrade is purchased, and for units below SEER standard and/or R-22 equipment standards, if repair and/or replacement at the current SEER rating or with R-22 equipment is not feasible, the service will be performed with SEER standard/R-410A equipment and/or 7.7 HSPF or higher compliant.


  • Gas air conditioning systems
  • Condenser casings
  • Registers and grills
  • Filters
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • Window units
  • Non-ducted wall units
  • Water towers
  • Humidifiers
  • Improperly sized units
  • Chillers and chiller components
  • All exterior condensing, cooling, and pump pads
  • Roof mounts, jacks, stands, or supports
  • Condensate pumps
  • Commercial-grade equipment
  • Outside or underground piping and components for geothermal and/or water source heat pumps
  • Cost for crane rentals
  • Electronic, computerized, and manual systems management and zone controllers
  • Air conditioning with mismatched condensing unit and evaporative coil per manufacturer specifications
  • Improper use of metering devices (i.e., thermal expansion valves)
  • We are not responsible for the costs associated with matching dimensions, brand, or color
  • Except when the optional SEER standard/R-410A modifications coverage is purchased, we will not pay for any modifications, upgrades, or additional work needed to evacuate and/or clean a system of R-22 necessitated by the repair of existing equipment or the installation of new equipment.

NOTE: We will cover up to $10 per pound for the cost of refrigerant for authorized repairs. You are responsible for payment of any costs exceeding $10 per pound.


  • Filters
  • Costs related to Freon recapture
  • Window units

B. PREMIUM COVERAGE UPGRADE (Included in Premier Plus plan)


  • This plan extends coverage to heating, cooling, plumbing, and kitchen appliances that are otherwise excluded.
  • Additional applicable coverages are labeled as “Premium Coverage Includes” in the Covered Systems and Components, Additional Coverage, and Optional Coverage sections of this Contract.


The optional coverages outlined below are available at your discretion and extend exclusively to items explicitly labeled as “Included.” These optional coverages are subject to all other provisions, limitations, and exclusions stipulated in this Contract.


INCLUDED: Coverage encompasses both the pool and spa (including an exterior hot tub and whirlpool) when utilizing common equipment. If no common equipment is employed, coverage applies to either the pool or spa, unless an additional fee is paid. This coverage includes all above-ground components and parts of the heating, pumping, and filtration system, encompassing pool sweep motors and timers.

EXCLUDED: Lights, liners, concrete encased above-ground or underground electrical, plumbing or gas lines, structural defects, solar equipment, jets, fuel storage tanks, control panels, control switches, computerized control boards, built-in or detachable cleaning equipment, ornamental fountains and waterfall-type equipment, pool cover and related equipment, booster pump, disposal filtration medium, ionizers and chlorinators, skimmers, fill line, fill valves, valve actuators, turbo valves, pop-up heads, and similar components.

LIMITATIONS: The aggregate payout during the Coverage Period will not exceed $1,000.

B. SALT WATER POOL EQUIPMENT (Only available with the purchase of the Pool and/or Spa Coverage)

INCLUDED: Circuit Board and Salt Cell.


LIMITATIONS: The aggregate payout during the Coverage Period will not exceed $1,500.


INCLUDED: All components and parts of the well pump utilized for the main dwelling only.

EXCLUDED: Well casings, pressure tanks, pressure switches, hoisting or removal, piping or electrical lines leading to or connecting the pressure tank and main dwelling, holding or storage tanks, redrilling of wells.

LIMITATIONS: The aggregate payout during the Coverage Period will not exceed $1,500.


This coverage is available for each additional stand-alone refrigerator, freezer, or ice maker.

INCLUDED: All components and parts, including the integral freezer unit.

EXCLUDED: Racks, shelves, ice crushers, water and ice dispensers and their respective equipment, water lines and valve to ice maker, mini fridges, wine coolers, interior thermal shells, food spoilage, door seals, lighting and handles, audio/visual components, and internet connection equipment.

LIMITATIONS: The aggregate payout during the Coverage Period for repair or replacement of a stand-alone ice maker or stand-alone freezer will not exceed $1,000.


INCLUDED: If a stoppage is due to a septic tank backup, we will pump the septic tank one time during the Coverage Period. Coverage becomes effective only if a septic certification was completed within ninety (90) days prior to the Contract Start Date. A copy of the certification may be required before a service visit.

EXCLUDED: The cost of gaining or finding access to the septic tank, the cost of sewer hookups, disposal of waste, chemical treatments, tanks, leach lines, cesspools, mechanical pumps, and/or systems.


INCLUDED: Water softeners, increased toilet replacement of similar quality up to $600 in the aggregate, increased coverage for professional series appliances (as further detailed in Section VII(J)) up to $2,000 in the aggregate, removal of all defective equipment replaced by us under the terms of this Contract. This plan also includes coverage of building code violations up to $250 in the aggregate per Coverage Period, as well as coverage of permits up to $250 per occurrence related to a heating, electrical, or plumbing service call if necessary to affect repair or replacement. Re-key up to six (6) locks (including deadbolts) inside the main confines of your home or attached garage or unattached garage with up to four (4) new keys.

EXCLUDED (For Re-Key Service Only): Door handles, door knobs, doors, locks.

LIMITATIONS: All water softener components and parts, excluding leased or rented units, up to an aggregate of $500 during the Coverage Period.


INCLUDED: Aerobic pump, jet pump, sewage ejector pump, septic tank, and the line from the house to the tank.

EXCLUDED: Tile fields and leach beds, leach lines, lateral lines, insufficient capacity, cleanout, pumping (except if purchased under a separate option), seepage pits.

LIMITATIONS: The aggregate payout during the Coverage Period will not exceed $500.


INCLUDED: If government regulations prevent us from repairing or replacing a covered air conditioning system or heating system with similar efficiency or capacity, and we provide an upgraded unit pursuant to Section IV(A) or V(A) of this Contract, then we will also pay up to $500 in the aggregate during the Coverage Period for modifications or upgrades to valves, line sets, evaporator coils, pads, stands, plumbing, flues, additional costs associated with evacuating and cleaning the system of all R-22, and crane charges required to complete the replacement installation of the heating or air conditioning system.

EXCLUDED: Permits, cleaning, disposal, or ductwork testing and/or sealing.

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