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Why Don’t We – Trust Fund Baby – 2 ringtone

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[Verse 1: Daniel Seavey & All & Jonah Marais]
I don’t want a girl who gets a car for her sweet sixteen
Or spends a stack of dollar bills on a limousine
I want a girl who takes the bus and who wears baggy jeans
Rockin’ Nike Airs, what the hell are Louboutins?
Don’t want no fake tan, short skirt, daddy’s money don’t work
Shop until you drop on the town
I want a smart girl, stronger than her father
Someone who will laugh at tryna fit in the crowd (ah-ow, ow)

[Pre-Chorus: Jonah Marais]
And all we used to dream about
Is getting rich and getting out
Move to the nicer part of town
Where we’d have numbers on our house
It took a while to figure out
What type of girl that I’m about
Who brings the real man out of me, yah


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